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Buck Consultants International carries out research, advises, implements and performs project management in the areas of economics, spatial development, real estate, location selection, infrastructure development, traffic management and supply chain strategy.

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Reduction of food losses in African agro-food chains
[March 23, 2016]

Sub-optimal logistics is the root cause of agro-food losses in developing and emerging countries. In Benin and Nigeria, agro-food stakeholders have indicated that the development of logistics and transport capacity is needed together with an improved access to financing in order to make agro-logistics more efficient and to reduce logistics losses. »»

Buck Consultants International opens office in Atlanta
[January 7, 2016]

Buck Consultants International has opened an office in Atlanta as of January 1st, 2016. Allison Turner has been appointed as Vice President North America. “She will liaise with American companies who want to increase their footprint abroad, whether it is in Europe, Middle East and Africa or in the Asia Pacific region” says René Buck, CEO of Buck Consultants International. »»

Webinar on The Changing EU Customs Code and its impact on supply chain practices
[October 22, 2015]

On October 14th 2015 Buck Consultants International together with international law firm Greenberg Traurig LLC held a successful webinar on the upcoming changes in the EU Customs Code and their potential impact on the way supply chains in different industries are structured and managed.

Global Supply Chain Transformation - BCI's VP Dinner in Switzerland April 2015
[June 1, 2015]

On the evening of April 15th 2015 a group of high level supply chain officers from different industries joined BCI’s Annual VP Supply Chain Dinner in Switzerland. This time the even was held in Montreux, on the sunny shores of Lake Geneva. Participating companies included e.g. Edwards Lifesciences, Monsanto, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Celgene, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk, Bombardier, and others.

The new R&D battle: how companies and regions can benefit
[May 22, 2014]

R&D expenditures will grow, less in new physical centers, but more via acquisitions, alliances/joint programmes and open innovation contracts.
Steering R&D is changing: a more clear split is expected between Research locations and Development locations.
The future R&D landscape will consist of a few cross industry hot spots around the world and specialized industry specific satellites. »»

Africa on the rise
[May 21, 2014]

More and more companies look at the opportunities in Africa. Not only the fast economic growth of the continent in the past with more than one billion people, but also the expectation that the next 5 years 11 of the world’s fastest growing economies will be in Africa, drives the interest. But opportunities go together with challenges if you want to benefit from the advantages of Africa. »»

Risk assessments as base for further globalization
[May 20, 2014]

“In the boardroom discussions on globalization risk assessments are underestimated. The discussion about onshore, nearshore or offshore locations is too much focused on costs and supply chain issues. But a full assessment of all types of risks has to be incorporated in the discussion as well”, says René Buck, CEO of Buck Consultants International. »»

Emirates call center flies to Budapest
[May 19, 2014]

Dubai based Emirates Airlines has announced it will open its seconds customer contact centre in Europe with a 300 seat facility in Budapest this year. Europe is a strategically important market for Emirates and this new facility in Budapest will play a critical role in supporting the airline’s growth plans across the continent. »»

Responsive supply chains become priority in the pharma industry
[May 18, 2014]

Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Merck proof it these days once again: the pharmaceutical business is one of the most globalized industries in which new successful medicines are priority number one. But creating responsive supply chain models has become a priority as well. Why? »»

Hogan Lovells to set up new legal Services Center in Birmingham
[May 17, 2014]

Hogan Lovells, a leading global law firm, is to set up a Legal Services Center in Birmingham, United Kingdom to deliver high quality cost-effective legal services for aspects of its client work. The Center will operate as an extension of the firm's London office. »»

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