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Questions of clients

Location Strategy & Site Selection

  • ‘We are expecting huge market growth in Europe. Do we need to set up a plant in Europe or in Asia to serve the European market, if we take all relevant cost and service factors into account?’
  • ‘What is a good location for my new facility, taking into account our business strategy, cost, the availability and quality of staff, logistical optimization, investment incentives, taxes and infrastructure?’
  • ‘Our company wants to centralize its global customer support functions and is looking for new locations in the US, Asia and Europe with access to enough multilingual talent.’
  • ‘Our company intends to consolidate all our distribution centers in the EMEA region. What is the best location strategy for achieving this?’
  • ‘We want to continue to develop the market and are looking for sites for three regional distribution centers.’
  • ‘Our company owns a 6-acre site that it no longer requires. What are the sale options?’
  • ‘Our company is growing rapidly and needs a new, flexible approach to real estate.’

International business and go to market strategies

  • ‘It looks like our new medicine will do well in the European market. We need a good business plan for Europe, can you help us?’
  • ‘What is the best way to realize our expansion strategy in Russia? What products should we offer? Which countries should we go to first? Which channels should we use?’
  • ‘Our company is looking for an analyses what promising markets and countries are for our products/services’
  • ´How to accommodate the business in developing markets such as Russia, China, India, Brazil and which go to market model and associated supply chain is required/feasible?'
For answers to questions like mentioned above, Buck Consultants International is the right partner to talk to. Buck Consultants International assist companies with their strategic investment decisions, real estate, location, relocation and facilities questions.

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