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Corporate Real Estate advice

Corporate Real Estate advice: strategic level

Strategic real estate challenges and projects

Whether our client is a financial services provider or an electronics producer, providing strategic real estate advice involves the development of a real estate strategy. Strategic questions include: Should a company own buildings itself? Should real estate management be outsourced? These are examples of issues that call for a strategic answer.

Is your company:

  • looking for a new, flexible approach to real estate?
  • developing a CRE master plan?
  • considering to set up a CRE-unit or integrate the CRE-unit into the corporate organization?
  • merging with another company and do you want common guidelines regarding real estate?
  • looking for an independent review of your real estate portfolio to identify starting points for cost savings?

Buck Consultants International’s consulting services

Buck Consultants International can support you with:
  • integrating the CRE strategy into your business plan
  • developing a real estate strategy or real estate master plan
  • compiling rationalization plans or strategic portfolio reviews
  • identifying key success factors for real estate and develop key performance indicators
  • whether or not to outsource tactical and operational CRE tasks

Methodology for developing a CRE strategy based on your business strategy:

More and more companies recognize our expertise and independence and are asking us to partner with them as their European real estate expert.

Corporate Real Estate advice: tactical level

After the strategy has been defined we look at the tactical level in which we evaluate scenarios from a combined business model/real estate perspective (i.e. do we service the European market with one large call centre or three regional call centres?). This leads to the definition of the requirements with respect to region, location and building.

Tactical real estate challenges and projects

Is your company:

  • needing to assess several CRE solutions in order to make the right decision?
  • looking for a better insight into the benefits of outsourcing (parts of) the current facilities and or tasks?
  • considering to relocate the current facility and buy or lease a new location?
  • thinking of selling its overcapacity of offices, warehouses, plants or land and looking for the best partner and deal?
Buck Consultants International can support you with:
  • the development of several scenarios that offer solutions to the current CRE challenges and elaborate on your CRE strategy
  • typical scenarios that could be developed and assessed including:
    • in- or outsourcing options
    • sale & lease back and off balance agreements
    • decentral, central or distributed location models
  • acquisition of sites and buildings
  • disposition of sites and buildings
  • negotiations with public authorities and real estate agents

Corporate Real Estate advice: operational level

Via our partners, we offer real estate advice at an operational level:

  • facility management
  • construction project management
  • workplace management

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