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Operations design

Successfully designing and implementing a high performance distribution center requires a combination of data driven engineering solutions, operations knowledge and breakthrough thinking capability. Facilitating contribution from all functional areas within an organisation is also integral to designing a distribution center that will service the entire supply chain.

Distribution center design requirements vary depending on the supply chain strategy which they support. Our Distribution Center Design services are utilized in support of Greenfield or retrofit distribution center design, distribution center consolidation or the optimization of material handling and operating strategies within an existing network of distribution centers.

Whether a 100,000 m2 Distribution Center for a Fortune 500 client or a 2,000 m2 warehouse for a family owned business, our proven 3 phased project approach allows us to work with our clients to develop a superior long-term solution often yielding savings or cost avoidance of many times the cost of our engineering services.

Phase 1 - Distribution Center Design

Our initial design phase is intended to generate, evaluate, and financially justify an optimized solution from a full range of alternative solutions ranging from conventional to fully automated systems. Detailed data analysis utilizing client-specific information and design criteria allows for the development of the low cost solution considering a combination of capital and ongoing operating costs.

Phase 2 - Detail Design, Specification and Procurement

Engineered functional and technical specifications are the cornerstone of a cost effective equipment or information systems procurement process. Phase 2 is crucial in the development of documentation, equipment related training, performance, and warranty requirements as well as the development of the functional systems design document and information system specifications. We also actively support the bid evaluation and negotiation process between the client and selected suppliers.

Phase 3 - Implementation Management

Implementation management ensures that equipment and processes are effectively implemented per the functional and technical criteria established in Phase 1 and 2. Accurate timing, coordination of implementation efforts, and appropriate acceptance testing are critical to a successful project’s completion.

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