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Innovation is crucial for the national and regional economy. We contribute to this theme from two angles. We are capable of accelerating the knowledge chain together with companies and knowledge institutions in ways that turn knowledge to profit. We draw up innovation policy roadmaps, or multi-annual programmes, for knowledge regions around Europe. In addition, we also develop action oriented project plans/business plans such as new shared research facilities, techno-starter housing or securing funding for innovation programmes with the national government or the EU.

Our added value

  • Familiar with the regional situation and stakeholders
  • Turning new themes into economic opportunities
  • Financial analyses/business cases 

Sample activities

  • Guidance for innovation routes: from concept development to business case
  • Roadmaps for regional innovation
  • Economic project development and funding frameworks 

Track record Innovation (sample)

  • Astron: REP Astron/IBM
  • Business Cluster Semiconductors: Semiconductor proposition
  • Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: Internationalization commercial services
  • European Commission: Technology transfer in depressed areas
  • G 21, Cooperation of the 21 largest municipalities in the Netherlands: ICT and urban economic policy
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Science: Strengthening knowledge infrastructure
  • Health Valley: Red Medtech Highway
  • IOK Kempen: Suppliers automotive industry
  • NV NOM: Businessplan Biobased North-Netherlands
  • Province of Limburg: Evaluation framework Regional Technology Plan
  • Partnership North-Netherlands: Development environmental production sector

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