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Business parks

One particular specialisation of Buck Consultants International is research regarding the feasibility and organisation of business sites. BCI has a considerable expertise in this field, including the following specific areas:

  • Market research and business park planning
  • Definition of the right quality of business sites
  • Restructuring business site
  • Public-private partnerships
These projects often involve market studies, feasibility studies and the development of new theme-based projects.

For the market studies we have developed our own forecast model for estimating the demand for business sites: the PROVEST model. A key feature of this model is transparency: the client and others involved can exactly see how the estimated future demand for commercial space has been calculated and the data on which it is based (a large collection of in-house and other current figures on factors that affect where companies decide to locate themselves). PROVEST offers multiple options and variations in the form of a range of different scenarios and sensitivity analyses.

The central focus of feasibility studies is to develop individual business sites. The key issues in studies of this kind are, among others:
  • the regional market for business sites
  • analysis of current and future competing developments in the region and beyond
  • determining the market share of the proposed development site
  • identifying the differentiating features, unique selling points and requirements on the quality of the site
  • advice on feasibility, realisation and prerequisites
BCI actively includes private parties in the development of business sites. How can private funding support the redevelopment of out of date business sites and are private parties willing to co-invest in new sites? BCI, in other words, is active in the professionalisation of the market for business sites.

Our added value

  • Business centric approach
  • Detailed analysis of market opportunities for business sites
  • Advise on plan funding
  • Multiple years of experience with restructuring 

Restructuring with a business point of view

In many cities and regions restructuring of out of date business sites is high on the agenda. BCI is involved in many projects and has developed a distinctive approach. The focus is on including entrepreneurs in these often complex and long running processes. A specific and action-oriented approach appeals to entrepreneurs. As a result they are often also inclined to make necessary adjustments on their own lots. Experiences also show that large gains can be made by linking budgets of several pertinent authorities and companies at the right time.

Track Record Business parks

  • Avantis Europe: Market position Avantis
  • Chamber of Commerce Brabant: Regional vision business parks Northeast-Brabant and Southeast-Brabant
  • Rewin: Pilot Professionalization Business Sites
  • Schiphol Area Development Company: Market concepts AAA/ACT
  • The Valley Region: Regional Programme Business sites

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