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Infrastructure & Financial analysis

Buck Consultants International has ample experience with evaluations of infrastructural projects. What are the objectives of infrastructure e.g. intermodal terminal, new runway of an airport, sea port expansion, new highway or public transport connection? What effects can be expected regarding employment, added value, image and strategic positioning? BCI is one of the specialists in Europe on Cost Benefit Analyses.

Feasibility studies, effect studies and cost-benefit analysis

The goal of infrastructure is realizing an increase in prosperity. The effects of infrastructure (intended or not) can manifest themselves in multiple ways. This depends on the kind and scale of the infrastructure, but also on the use and time length of the infrastructure. BCI differentiates between three kinds of economic effects of infrastructure: direct, indirect and external.

  • Direct effects are the immediate result of the execution of the project (e.g. transit time gains caused by the construction of a road).
  • Indirect effects are the result of direct effects and apply to supply relations and to companies that establish themselves in a region as a result of investments in infrastructure.
  • External effects are outside the scope of the project: they can be positive (e.g. strategic-economic effects) or negative (e.g. environmental effects such as noise or air pollution).

The goal of the analysis is to:

  • Analysing future economic impacts of infrastructural projects
  • Supporting decision making regarding new infrastructural projects

Our added value

  • Combining knowledge of transport economics and economics of regions
  • Cost benefit analysis expertise
  • Expertise on ports, airports and multimodal infrastructure
  • Integration of economic, locational and transport perspectives 

Sample activities

  • Market analysis
  • Effect analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studies on social effects
  • Prioritizing policies 

Sample projects Infrastructure & Financial analysis

BCI has been involved in many impact studies and cost benefit analysis’s of key infrastructural projects (a.o airport expansions, new High Speed Train links). In addition to these studies we have also been heavily involved in the preparations for the decision making regarding these projects. Similar studies were carried out for regional projects such as investments in rail terminals and regional connections. 

Track Record Infrastructure & Financial analysis

  • Amsterdam Airport Area: Trade&Logistics
  • Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment: Mainport 2.0
  • Health Valley: Evaluation Impact EFRO
  • Project office DCA: Economic effects The Centrale Axis
  • Project bureau Pipe line grid Eemsdelta: FES Pipe lines Cost benefit analysis
  • SADC: Amsterdam Connecting Trade

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