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Urban Area development

Buck Consultants International is involved in a large number of urban area development projects. These vary between the development of train station areas and the development of zones alongside infrastructure, but also between restructuring of business sites and the (re)development of a city neighbourhood (living and working areas). Our advisors can perform roles in all three stages of urban area development; from the idea phase (drafting a master plan with explicit attention to economic feasibility), through execution strategies (agreements with the actors in question to realize the drafted plans) to implementation and realization of plans. The distinctive capacity lies in the combination of broad experience with these kind of complex processes and applicable knowledge on specific themes or certain regions and the willingness to optimize developments (by way of business cases and cost benefit analysis). All this is designed to achieve realistic plans.

By combining actual knowledge on regions with ready to use tools for analysis we are also uniquely able to prioritize between the many foreseen plans in the regional pipeline. Well-substantiated choices are a necessity in these economic times. 

Our added value

  • Combination of real estate, marketing and administrative expertise
  • Network within the national and regional governments
  • Market insight and an economical approach
  • Cost benefit analysis and business case expertise 

Sample activities

  • Urban area visions
  • Development of innovative (real estate)concepts
  • Process and project management
  • Strategic and factual advise 

Track record Urban Area Development

  • Municipality of Nijmegen: Opportunities Novio Tech Campus
  • Municipality of Tilburg: Rail Zone
  • Project office DCA: Economic effects The Central Axis 

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