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Track Record

Track record spatial-economic analysis and scans
  • Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: Economical Future Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
  • Department of Economic Affairs: International competitiveness of the Randstad
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs: Creating regional development programmes for EFRO
  • Province of Limburg: Indicators for development physical environment
  • Province of Noord-Brabant: Brabant Economy With Open Borders; analysis of promis-ing clusters for economic policy

Track record regional economic development programmes
  • Canton of Zurich: Retention strategy for European Headquarters
  • Castilla y León (Spain): Marketing and international economic development
  • Municipality of Duisburg: Targeting logistics companies
  • Municipality of Madrid: Vision on positioning the city
  • Chamber of commerce the Hague region: Economic foundation regional development agency 'Haaglanden'
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs: International competitiveness of the Randstad Region
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs: Formulation of programs for 'European Fund Regional Development' (EFRO)
  • European Union: HST Urban Regions: economic effects
  • Euregio Maas-Rijn-North: Formulation action program Interreg III
  • Flemish Community: Spatial-economic positioning Antwerp
  • Haute-Marne Développement: International marketing strategy and economic devel-opment
  • Investment Belfast: Development of medical technology sector
  • ITP Turin: Review international marketing strategy
  • Municipality Aachen: Economic development potentials
  • Municipality of Haarlemmermeer/Schiphol: Outlook Haarlemmermeer/Schiphol 2015
  • Municipality of Venlo: Economic effects Venlo Trade Port
  • Ostrava Region: Economic perspectives new investors
  • Schiphol Area Development Company: Cluster development Aerospace
  • Senter: Development possibilities for SMEs with Bulgaria/Croatia

Track record innovation
  • Astron: REP Astron/IBM
  • Business Cluster Semiconductors: Semiconductor proposition
  • Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: Internationalization commercial services
  • European Commission: Technology transfer in depressed areas
  • G 21; Cooperation of the 21 largest municipalities in the Netherlands: ICT and lar-ger towns policy
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Science: Strengthening knowledge infrastructure
  • Health Valley: Red Medtech Highway
  • IOK Kempen: Suppliers automotive industry
  • NV NOM: Businessplan Biobased North-Netherlands
  • Province of Limburg: Evaluation framework Regional Technology Plan
  • Partnership North-Netherlands: Development environmental production sector

Track record business parks
  • Avantis Europe: Market position Avantis
  • Chamber of Commerce Brabant: Regional vision business parks Northeast-Brabant and Southeast-Brabant
  • Rewin BV: Pilot Professionalization Business Sites North-Brabant
  • Schiphol Area Development Company: Market concepts AAA/ACT
  • The Valley Region: Regional Programme Business sites

Track record infrastructure & financial analysis
  • Amsterdam Airport Area: Trade&Logistics
  • Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment: Mainport 2.0
  • Health Valley: Evaluation Impact EFRO
  • Project office DCA: Economic effects The Centrale Axis
  • Project bureau Pipe line grid Eemsdelta: FES Pipe lines Cost benefit analysis
  • SADC: Amsterdam Connecting Trade

Track record urban area development
  • Municipality of Nijmegen: Opportunities Novio Tech Campus
  • Municipality of Tilburg: Rail Zone
  • Project office DCA: Economic effects The Central Axis 

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