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Market and feasibility studies

Analysis of trends, scientific forecasts and an expert vision are essential to answering questions of market interest and feasibility. The results are soundly based insights into product/market situations, including anticipated dynamics and an assessment of risks.


  • What is the market for my real estate product? What and where are the competing developments?
  • What are the market perspectives of offices/industrial estates/logistics sites or other business parks in a region?
  • How will demand, supply and prices in (local) real estate markets develop?
  • Who are the main market players? Which sectors show potential opportunities?
  • How can my real estate product be changed to fit the demand?

 Our approach includes:
  • The expertise gained in our work for the demand side (end-users)
  • A detailed study of the distinctive characteristics of the product compared to competing projects
  • Analysis of historic and current market trends
  • Forecasts for future economic and market development

  • Well-based insight in the way the client's product meets demand
  • A clear vision on the dynamics of the market
  • An assessment of the risks and necessary adjustments with regard to a new development
  • Sound basis for investment decisions
  • Potential new markets or products


  • Aberdeen Property Investors: Logistics Hotspots
  • AM Development: Feasibility study Maastricht-Randwijck
  • ASR: Feasibility study business park
  • Cairo Airport: Feasibility study for the land side development
  • City of Aachen and City of Heerlen: Feasibility of border crossing business park
  • City of Amsterdam: International target groups Zuid-As Amsterdam
  • City of Rotterdam: Market analysis for a brainpark
  • Essent: Feasibility of a recycling park
  • Grontmij: Market and benchmark study for a logistics center in Prague
  • Region Haaglanden: The Hague Office Market
  • Teleport: Market analysis of a telecoms based business park

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