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Concept development

Buck Consultants International identifies new location and real estate trends. New market based ideas for property development are developed through interactive brainstorming. Examples are technology parks (science park, campus) near universities and R&D centers of leading companies.

Your questions:

  • What type of real estate can be developed, given the economic structure and real market trends?
  • Which market niches are promising, what are their requirements and how can this be translated into a successful real estate concept?
  • How can our real estate concept meet the requirements of end-users in the selected target groups?

Our approach includes:
  • Identification of new location and workplace trends: combined service and building packages, flexibility, new working environments, etc.
  • Identifying and analysing success factors of international cases
  • Interactive brainstorming

  • New market based ideas for real estate development
  • Creative ideas for a distinctive development
  • Identification and selection of promising target groups
  • Advice on how to adjust the concept to the requirements of potential end-users

  • AM Development: Real estate concepts and knowledge related institutes
  • Aventis: Co-location on chemical sites
  • BAM Real Estate: Customer Care Centers in mid-sized cities
  • BIG Bremen: Concept development Food Port
  • ESTEC/ESA: Space Business Park
  • Lelystad: Concept development Pharma Park
  • Philips: High Tech Campus Eindhoven
  • Rabo MAB: New formula for combined leisure & retail center

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