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Developing a market strategy and marketing plan

The development of a successful inward investment strategy progresses through the above three stages. This approach is based on our experience assisting over 150 economic development organisations in virtually every country in Europe and working on hundreds of site selection consultancy projects since our start in 1985.

The target group analysis involves the identification and selection of target groups because there are over 400 possible options in the market cube. Even within one sector of industry, further segmentation is possible. For example, what are the most promising subsegments in biotechnology? What type of logistics company is best suited for our region?

The cost-quality matrix is used for positioning (see also Site Selection Services). This method provides the opportunity to compare – just like a potential investor would – the costs and qualities of your city, region or country with those of your major competitors. This produces clear answers to questions like ‘What is our current competitive position?’, and ‘What are our strengths and weaknesses?’

The marketing plan sets out the optimum mix of instruments and resources to ensure effective and efficient activities.

Our services:

  • In-depth SWOT-analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,Threats)
  • Selection of target groups
  • Strategies to attract foreign investors
  • Development of technology based marketing
  • Advice on positioning and profiling in the market
  • Assistance in business case development (cost-quality assessment of your city/region vs. competition)
Identification and selection of target groups: Make your choice!


Our services:

  • Development of marketing tools like product papers, bidbooks, databases, roadshows, fact finding organisation, etc.
  • Identification and selection of marketing instruments:
    • advertising
    • direct marketing
    • event marketing
    • PR/free publicity
    • networking/multipliers
  •  Operational marketing planning (next 24 months):
    • actions
    • timing
    • budget
    • people

Example: what is the optimum mix of instruments?

The marketing plan sets out the optimum mix of instruments and resources to ensure effective and efficient activities.

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