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Questions of clients

  • ‘How can our region make better use of its logistics function and develop into a logistics hot spot?’
  • ‘What is a practical hinterland strategy for our port?’
  • ‘Who should we collaborate with within our region?’
  • ‘How should our airport specialise in freight transport?’
  • ‘We are a consortium of five retail distribution companies. How can we cooperate in our distribution activities and reduce ‘empty’ kilometres?’
  • 'How do we fill in city distribution in our town with alignment between shippers and carriers?’
  • 'How can we concretely work out sustainable logistics via mobility management in our region?'
  • 'Can you assist us in the development of new systems for mobility?'
  • ‘We want to improve our local public transport system. Light rail is often suggested as a solution. Could that work in our area?’
  • ‘What are the economic effects of a new motorway link between two cities?’
  • ‘Does this project offer any opportunities for public-private partnerships or is that simply not an option?’

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