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Mobility management

Mobility management is a set of tools that supports regions and companies in optimizing their performance in the field of corporate freight transport. These tools are getting more attention as organisations are more aware of the potentials of sustainable transport solutions. This strategy helps to realise economic as well as environmental benefits in transportation. As a result, companies are becoming ‘lean and green’ and unfold plans with positive effects on the CO2 emission. These plans are also increasingly implemented.

Mobility management also serves municipalities and regions with sustainable policies and concepts for freight transport in metropolitan areas. Especially the freight flows to and from business parks and offices is playing an increasing role.

There are several (social) developments taking place where mobility management adapts to. There are different accessibility programs, developed around large infrastructural projects. The focus of many of these programs is until now, often on the transportation of people. The transportation of goods gets a lot of attention, however, measurements are not developed often yet, although we expect that this will happen more often in the future.
Mobility management can also be used from a climate perspective (less kilometres = less CO2 emission). Many municipalities are currently developing a local climate approach and mobility management will be an important part of this.

Our added value

Buck Consultants International (BCI) is leading in the field of calculating and implementing a mobility management plan within companies. We have assisted in the development of a Mobility Management Manual which is often used by companies and governments.

Sample activities

  • Mobility management scans within individual companies
  • CO2 reduction tool (in cooperation with Connekt Sustainable Logistics
  • Ten points plan to come to synchromodal transportation

Example Mobility Management projects

  • Bergen op Zoom/Senter Novem: Mobility Management Theodorus-port
  • Port of Rotterdam: Mobility Management Distripark Rotterdam
  • Twente Region: Mobility Management TwenteKanaal

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