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Seaports, inland ports, nodes and logistics regions

More and more, sea and air ports around the world play an essential role in national economies. World trade is expanding year after year, and these flow of goods are transhipped at sea and air ports before going to the customer at the final destination. These transhipment volumes provide opportunities for companies in the port to start or expand logistics activities and for regions to innovate, create jobs and attract companies.

In order to make use of these opportunities, sea and air ports are expanding their horizons. The ports are an important hub in intermodal networks. Multinational companies use these hubs to distribute their goods in a efficient and sustainable way to the final customer. In order to offer clients all opportunities, excellent road, rail, inland waterway and short sea connections with inland and other coastal regions are of prime importance. The international competition between sea and air ports is therefore accelerating rapidly. Excellent connections with the main hinterland regions are essential for sea and air ports to remain competitive.

Our added value

For major sea and air ports, inland ports as well as logistics regions in the hinterland, Buck Consultants International (BCI) offers support in a number of ways. First, BCI assists in developing a strategic vision of the future for sea and air ports, often using scenarios and road maps techniques. Secondly, BCI benchmarks the performance of sea and air ports with competitors, finding opportunities and solutions for potential threats, Thirdly, BCI performs feasibility studies for new terminals, multimodal services and logistics sites, and calculates the economic effects of investments. And fourthly, BCI performs analyses of the macro-economic value of sea and air port activities, including direct and indirect earnings.
Our past clients include all ports in the Hamburg – Le Havre range and other European sea ports, inland barge and rail ports, air ports like Schiphol and Brussels, and various logistics regions in the hinterland.

Sample activities

  • Strategic network positioning and road mapping
  • Market explorations / hot spot explorations
  • Competition and target market analysis
  • Real estate analysis and concepts
  • Distribution strategy analysis

Example project Sea and Air Ports

  • Client: Dutch Council for Transport and Infrastructure
  • Project: Gateway Rotterdam Netherlands 2.0: the networked Dutch port system
  • Research question: Next to the largest European port Rotterdam, the Netherlands also has the major seaports Amsterdam, Zeeland and Groningen within it’s boundaries. With these ports, the Netherlands can be considered to be an important Gateway to Europe for American and Asian companies. More and more, the ports have to work together to continue staying competitive and effective in hinterland transport, so that the Netherlands can improve it’s European Gateway role. In this research study, the opportunities for a networked transhipment and hinterland transport system were explored, and the effects for the European Gateway function of the Netherlands were mapped.
  • Methodology: A new Gateway Rotterdam Netherlands 2.0 strategy had been developed, based on desk research, workshops and interviews with Dutch and foreign public and private stakeholders.
  • Result: A new Gateway Rotterdam Netherlands 2.0 strategy, which had been used for a renewed Dutch mainport policy strategy. Also, the Dutch ports have decided to join forces in the Dutch Port Alliance to work more closely together on their port hinterland strategy.

Other projects

  • Programmes and projects carried out in: Alsace, Bremen, Dortmund, Duisburg, Hannover, Venlo, Amsterdam, Projects in: Port of Gent – Terneuzen, Duisburg
  • Ports and Port Authorities, a.o: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Groningen-Delfzijl, Vlissingen, Hamburg, Bremen, Le Havre, Zeebrugge
  • Carriers, stevedores and operators, a.o: Maersk (including formerly P&O Nedlloyd), Deutsche Post World Net (i.e. formerly Danzas), Kühne & Nagel, Cornelder, Hapag Lloyd
  • BCI also works for corporate clients located in ports or clients that use ports, for which we for example optimise their global supply chains. Clients include carriers, stevedores, industrial shippers, logistics service providers and intermodal operators, e.g. Maersk, Danzas, Kühne & Nagel, Hapag Lloyd, Exxon Chemical, Rio Tinto, Outokumpu, Norsk Hydro, Fuji, BP, Colombia Sportswear, Danone, Yamaha Motors, Sony, Cargill. The results of these projects are often confidential

Track record ports, nodes and logistics regions

Track record port projects
  • City of Hamburg: Future need for logistics sites in Hamburg
  • Development company Bremen: Development of a Food Port in the port of Bremen
  • Dutch Council for Transport and Infrastructure: Gateway Rotterdam Netherland 2.0: the networked Dutch port system
  • Dutch National Port Council: National Port Distribution Nodes
  • Dutch ministry of Transport: Analysis of determining factors competitive positions Dutch sea ports
  • Dutch Ministry of transport: Port monitor – economic significance of the Dutch ports (3 annual editions)
  • Dutch Ports Alliance: Prognosis of spatial development in Dutch Sea ports 2010-2040
  • European Parliament: European ports study
  • European Parliament: State Aids for European Ports
  • Flandres region, Department of Mobility: Competitive position Flemish sea ports
  • Free Port of Ventspils Authority: Industrial Development Strategy for the Ventspils Free Port
  • German Bundesland of Niedersachsen - Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Verkehr: Logistics marketing concept for federal state Niedersachsen
  • Interporto Puglia: Feasbility of Distripark Taranto
  • Malta Enterprise: Logistics (port) center Malta
  • Ministry of Housing, Spatial development and Environment: Port hinterland development plan for South-Western Netherlands
  • Nova Marghera, Cushman & Wakefield: International market potential of Multimodal Logistics Park Porto Nogaro – Italy
  • Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen: Quick scan towage sector Belgium
  • Port Authority of Antwerp: Trends/prognoses of maritime & logistic developments Hamburg – Le Havre range ports
  • Port of Amsterdam: Concept development land policy
  • Port of Amsterdam: Development plan CIRCLE LINES hinterland network
  • Port of Amsterdam: Development of a port strategy for the Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied
  • Port of Antwerp: High-potential intermodal concepts Antwerp – South Netherland and German hinterland
  • Port of Rotterdam: Competitive position port of Rotterdam in various industry segments
  • Port of Rotterdam: Chemical logistics at Maasvlakte 2
  • Port of Rotterdam: Feasibility study for a Distripark and hinterland strategy
  • Pro-Invest / Strategica: Strategic business plan port of Murmansk for Russian Ministry of Transport
  • Provinces of Zeeland (the Netherlands) and Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium): Strategy for improvement of nautical access Canal zone Gent-Terneuzen
  • Provincie Zeeland / Flushing Seaports: Economic and environmental Impact of the Westerschelde Container Terminal Flushing
  • R&B Real Estate: Quick scan Port of Rijeka – Croatia for logistics real estate development
In addition BCI has been involved in various inland ports for regional and local authotities, economic development, market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, port management and spatial analysis.

Track record regional logistical studies

  • European Union: City Freight
  • European Union: HST Freight Forum
  • European Union: TEN Invest: Trans Europesean Netwerk
  • Holland International Distribution Council: Cohort analysis European distribution centers
  • Holland International Distribution Council: Outsourcing European distribution centers
  • Ministry of Transport: Several strategic studies
  • Region Elzas: Logistic vision
  • Region Hannover: Marketing logistic service providors
  • Region Ostrava: Future perspectives distribution functions
  • Wirtschaftsförderung Gesellschaft Dortmund: Logistic vision Dortmund
  • Wirtschaftsförderung Gesellschaft Herne: Logistic vision Central Ruhr area

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