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Agro-food industry

The agro-food industry is a major sector in the European economy: 3 of every 10 road freight transports in Europe concerns the agro-food industry. It consists of the following market segments:

  • Agro- and horticulture
  • Manufacturing sector (agro-food production)
  • Subcontracting industry (supply services for the agro-food industry)
  • Agro-food logistics and distribution
  • Retail sector (final sale to European customers)

Our added value

Buck Consultants International has an extensive background, project experience and track record in optimising logistics network for the agro-food industry in the Netherlands and beyond. BCI has been involved in several logistics innovative projects, such as Foodnet and ‘My Farmer’, and has prepared strategic road maps for developing logistics in the agro-food sector for governmental clients. The agro-food sector in the Netherlands is clustered in six so-called Greenports. BCI has been involved in setting up these Greenports in different regions in Europe. Optimisation of International transport networks is becoming increasingly important, especially because the international links of the Dutch agro-food clusters are getting more attention.

Sample activities

  • Making strategic road maps for Greenports in the Netherlands in an international context
  • Logistics network optimisation for companies in the agro-food industry
  • Formulating and setting up innovative business cases for logistics in the agro-food industry
  • Mapping agro-food logistics policy for regional and national authorities

Track record agro industry and logistics

  • Avebe Latenstein: logistic chain analysis
  • BIG: marketing strategy food sector
  • BOM: investment opportunities food sector
  • Cargill: logistic chain analysis
  • Ciccolella: network optimisation
  • European Commission: feasibility study and pilot Fruit transport by short sea
  • Flora Holland: Think Tank sessions
  • Govera: Foodnet
  • Grolsch: logistic chain analysis
  • Marvelo Food: logistic chain analysis
  • McCormick: logistic chain analysis
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs: economical effects agro-food logistic projects
  • Platform Agrologistiek: evaluation agro-food logistic projects
  • Port of Amsterdam: Future perspectives cacao industry
  • Port of Bremen: Bremen Foodport
  • Port of Rotterdam: relation between Mainport and Greenport
  • Province Gelderland: Positioning Betuwse Bloem
  • Province Zuid Holland: Greenport Logistics

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