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Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are becoming a more and more a familiar theme within the logistics sector. In the field of safety a number of projects have been executed recently. The theme safety is included in projects in different dimensions such as road safety, external safety and the integration of traffic and logistic data. More and more the projects with ITS will be related to freight transportation.
In the near future, governments and consumers will use so called ‘in car technology’ which will provide floating data. So no road based information, but distribution of traffic data through a smart phone, no toll boots but online measures of routes and kilometres driven. The technology is already there, the question remains how this will be implemented.

Our added value

We can assist customers with exploring safety programs and programmes aiming at the integration of traffic data and logistical data. We can not only manage the whole process, organise a valorisation of the market but can also quantify and describe the (practical) effects of the policies.

Sample activities Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Research for ITS applications with transportation companies
  • Research for safety of truck parking places using ITS
  • Building a business case around ITS applications

Track record Intelligent Transport Systems

  • CROW: pilot truck navigation
  • City of Tilburg: Pilot apps
  • Ministry of Transport: prevention of blind spot accidents
  • Ministry of Transport /Connekt: large scale pilot testing of incident prevention systems in trucks
  • Province of Brabant: Truck overloading

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